Shopping at the Salvo’s


I wasn’t going comment on the social media meltdown by surfers at the prices of Kelly Slater’s brand new project OuterKnown; The meltdown that had ‘surfers’ up in arms about how they were being ‘ripped off’ and ‘who did he think could afford that’. Right across multiple platforms there has been almost unanimous condemnation of the brand launch and its prices. By surfers. On their mobile device or lap-top or computer, their surfboards on a rack outside and/or in the back of their car. You know them; they go on surf-trips to foreign countries, usually by plane. Some of them do boat trips and stay in luxurious camps, maybe in the Maldives. Surfers like me. Privileged surfers, privileged enough to have a choice as to what to spend their money on.

Well don’t fucking buy it then.

And don’t worry about it because people will. Surfing people. Surfing people who like the cut the colour the style and the green credentials. People who save to buy a Timber Tek Firewire board because it has an EPS core and uses less harmful epoxy resins and timber from managed farms. Ethical people (for image or otherwise makes no difference). People who drive X5’s and have SUP boards permanently strapped to the roof will buy it too, and so fucking what.

He’s indisputably the greatest surfer there’s been so far, his current legend is beginning to wane, he’s in his forties and he wants a legacy. If a sustainable, planet friendly, high end fashion line is his wont then who are you or I to question it? If it turns out that the cotton comes from Monsanto fields or the garments are sewn in Bangladeshi sweatshops by 10 year olds then go for your fucking life, melt down twitter and send Stab into raptures but if you just bought a new techno-butter, fastest drying, like wearing nothing, wetsuit then frankly STFU.

Worthy mention goes out to Vish (@vishonamish) who was one of the very few who didn’t follow the shoal and succeeded in rendering silent many sheep this morning on Twitter. Her advocacy of recycling, re-using and supporting ground based local charities at the same time is something I strive to achieve as often as possible.

I was gonna tell you a little story about an old friend of mine who hadn’t been to the cinema in 22 years and liked a Western. Maybe tomorrow.

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